Welcome to our Affiliate Program!

Join our team of marketing agents to generate serious revenue while spreading the word. You will earn great commissions for each referral that purchases any of our products. A 25% commission per product sold will be paid instantly to reward your efforts. For example; Let’s say that one of your referrals buys a Standard Logo Design Package valued at $699, you will automatically earn $175, as simple as that!

Which Products Can I Promote?

You can promote every product listed on our e-shop, we are Logo Design experts so you can focus on our two logo design packages; Standard and Deluxe. Moreover you can also promote our Web Design Packages, Mascot Design, Illustration, Business Cards, Stationery, Newsletters, etc. We have multiple graphic solutions suitable for every business.

Do I Have to be a Graphic Designer to be an Affiliate?

Not at all, you only have to know where to direct your efforts, our goal is to reach Small Businesses, Managers, Business Owners, CEO, CxO, Startups, Marketing Departments, Small, Medium and Large Companies. The only thing to mind is to generate qualified traffic to your unique affiliate link to increase your conversion rate.

How Do I Get New Clients?

You are free to use marketing softwares, different platforms and any practices. Our most experienced agents prefered using methods from the following list: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Cold Calling, Telemarketing, Blog Writing, Digital Marketing, etc. If you already have a business related to marketing and you are interested in becoming a Visual Magnet Partner, you can offer our services to your existing clients and earn commissions too, you will receive 25% for each service that your client sign up as a normal agent.

What Do I Need to Start?

Creativity! You can reach clients online and offline. You can use any method to reach potential clients that may be interested in our services and offers. As described in the previews list; Social Media Marketing, Call Center, Cold Calling, Digital Marketing, SEO strategies, meeting people at the market! Any ideas are valid.

How Do I Start?

Once you sign up, a unique affiliate link will be created for your referrals, you can check your Visits and Conversions in the Statistics section. You will have total control of your visits and will be automatically notified when any of your visits makes a conversion. This way you will have total control of your earnings in a transprant and simple way. In case you need text ads and image ads for your marketing to increase your sales rate, we have created some ads to facilitate this process for you. We will be uploading new ads at the creatives section.