Welcome to the Brief Development by Visual Magnet. We will start by asking you some questions about your business to get your preferences for your Logo. Visual Magnet will create a unique Logo Production exclusively designed for your business.

You will get a confirmation email once you submit the Brief Information. Our assistance is fully personalized; we will reach you with more specific questions about your company and prepare a market research of your competition. You will receive the initial ideas for your logo on the next 2-3 days after your payment is processed. You can check our Portfolio to see our quality work and testimonials.

Concepts and Corrections are unlimited at this stage. Our job is finished only once you are fully satisfied with the results, so you are totally covered with Visual Magnet.


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1) Exact Wording you would like on the logo? (Your Business Name)

2) Description of your business

3) Is there any Slogan?

4) What is the meaning behind the name of your business?

5) What is your Target Audience?

6) Do you have any color preferences? (You can tell us, or pick a color on the right)

7) Do you currently have any ideas for the logo or elements you would like to include in the design?

8) Do you have any font preferences? (You can choose a style from the list on the right)

9) Please take a look at the "Logo Styles" from the list on the right, let us know which ones you prefer

10) Top 3 values or concepts you want to communicate through the logo

11) Do you already have a website or other social media pages like Facebook fan page where we can find more information?

12) Estimate Budget

13) Do you have any examples of logos you like as a reference? You can upload them here

Logo Styles

Tell us which Logo Styles do you prefer for your Logo

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Color Scheme

Here you will find a color wheel to get some inspiration for your future brand colors

we use this for our free logo design

Pick a Color!

Select a code if you are sure about the main color you want for your logo (Or just tell us on the corresponding box on the left if there are more than one)

Select Color

Selected Color

Font Styles

Please choose at least one font style in order to get your preferences on the Typographic part of the Logo

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