What would you think if we could offer you your own personal designers who would be available to you everyday producing the visual content for your business? What if you could get our experts to cover all of your needs, working with you in order to create the best brand identity setting you apart from your competitors?

This service is ideal for any business! We will create the materials that you will often use on a day to day basis. For a reasonable monthly flat rate we will develop your image and help every step of the way. Our Full Assistance service includes all of the services we offer here at Visual Magnet except for Web Design. Take this amazing opportunity and get anything from Logo Design to one or all of the other featured services we offer.

If you are just starting your business and have much work to do, this just might be the best option for you instead of contracting all the services separately. As your personal design team we will be there to support you every step of the way! We are here to help you with your business image and in addition will provide you with all the necessary services for a monthly flat rate (not including web design).

Full Assistance will include

Logo Design, Stationery, Illustration, Mascot Design, Marketing Tools, Social Media Ads and any other graphics you may need. Let us help you every day by enhancing the image of your business, if desired we will be there for you by setting goals and to help you meet those objectives.