In this area you will find our design services detailed, feel free to access to the offer that better suits your needs. If you are starting your business from zero, we recommend you to take a look at our special section for START-UPS.
In the development phase, the most powerful marketing tool for any business, is the logo. Its design establishes your identity and is to a business what your face is to you.
It is how you are recognised and reflects your values and principles.
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Is an extremely important aspect of your business. In order to make the best impression on prospective customers and business contacts, you need to first define your brand.
Visual Magnet offer multiple styles in Illustration service, we will take the vision in your head and make it a reality. Let’s enhance your business credibility with amazing artwork and catch the attention of potencial costumers.
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Mascot is one of the marketing strategies that makes your brand appears to be unique among the other brands. A well designed Mascot should reflect the personality of the brand it represents.
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Is your business home online, a place for people to go see what you do. It helps you establish credibility. If you don’t have a website that you can refer to, then you are missing out on a huge market.
When a graphic is used consistently over many social media platforms, customers may view it several times over, which creates brand recognition and credibility of your business.
We design many types/styles of Digital/Printed Ads for your business including: Flyers, Brochures, Catalogs, Newsletters and more.
As your personal design team we will be there to support you every step of the way! We are here to help you with your business image and in addition will provide you with all the necessary previews services for a monthly flat rate.