VisualMagnet decides on each case if proceed or not with the free logo sample plan, besides from liking and sharing our content in the different social media platforms such as facebook and twitter.

VisualMagnet can decide to finish the free logo sample process before we deliver the final logo version, reasons can be numerous, misunderstandings, high demand problems and suspicious attitudes of our clients in all the free plans.

– In the free sample logo plan, is not available to ask for more than ONE logo for each client, unless that client sign up for the Standard or Deluxe plans that VisualMagnet offers.

– During the free logo sample plan process, VisualMagnet can decide to close the project if the potential costumer doesn’t response for several weeks and shows any kind of long inactivity during the process.

– Free Logo Sample Plan, includes the logo design process, unlimited revisions and concepts. The final file will be delivered to the client in JPG format in a 350×300 pixels image, including in every case, a VisualMagnet Watermark. In this free plan, there are not included different versions for the logo, neither different sizes and formats.

– The Standard Logo Plan includes the source file, in EPS format, and will be delivered to the client in all the formats needed, for example, EPS, JPG, PNG, PDF and more. There are not included in this plan, different versions of the logo that would include the Deluxe Plan, such as, Black and White version, Greyscale version, Pantone printing version and more.

– Revisions are unlimited here at VisualMagnet, but once the design project is clearly finished, that project is closed. If after a considerable period of time, the same client need more changes of the same project, the charge for the new changes would be apart from the previews payment.

VisualMagnet offers unlimited concepts and revisions with all of our featured services.