Visual Magnet was founded in 2012 by a group of graphic designers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the goal of offering multiple graphic solutions and helping developing businesses. Among our team we rely on several outstanding professionals such as: graphic designers, illustrators, art directors, marketing experts and web developers. These teams cover all visual communication design areas, and as VM continue growing, we are incorporating more professionals in order to offer you the best experience in the graphic design industry.

We are totally dedicated to the development of communication through the image, and our range of services include; Branding, Brand Record, Stationery, Web Design, Video Edition, Illustration, Publishing Design, Editorial, Photography, Social Media Design, Marketing tools, and more.

We have developed more than 500 brands with outstanding feedbacks for many companies around the world such as; Argentina, United States, Canada, France, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, England, and more. They have trusted in our skills to symbolize their personality and communicate the values they want to communicate. VM’s most important objective is to provide our customers with a strong identity and personality; Hence, leading the business to a prominent increase in sales over the competition.


None of our competitors will give you the opportunity to start your project without asking you for down payment first, if you are unhappy with the results, there is no way back. On the other hand, we are so confident that we can help you find what you are looking for, that you can apply for our FREE LOGO SAMPLE and after and only if you are satisfied with the results and process. Start shaping your business’ fortune!

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