Why B2B Companies Need Branding

Of all types of companies, B2B ones seem like they are the exception to most rules that you read about marketing and branding. But I would argue that B2B companies aren’t so different when it comes to the need of having a strong visual identity as one might think. Businesses that have other businesses as clients are not so pressured to communicate about their brand and their values to the public, that’s understandable. But they shouldn’t neglect their brand either.

Since their target market is much smaller, and a lot of their clients come through recommendations, B2B companies tend to ignore the whole branding part and just go along with an outdated logo or even without any logo at all. Lack of money is often used as an excuse to postpone spending any amount on branding. But, as we say to all of our customers, whether they are freelancers, entrepreneurs, B2B companies or B2C companies; branding is key, and it’s one of the most important investments you can make. Notice that I said investment” – because that’s precisely what it is – a good visual identity will eventually bring you more clients and more profits.

Let’s get back to the real question – why do B2B companies need branding?

The way I see it, there are two major reasons why B2B companies should never neglect the investment in a professional logo and in good quality branding:

Even though they are targeting other businesses, they have to connect with people.

Of course, one might argue that this type of companies only target other firms, so there is no need to appeal to people like a B2C company. But I have to disagree with that, as the targeted companies are still lead by individuals, their acquisition managers are human, and he/she does take factors like a strong visual identity into consideration, whether he/she realizes that or not. As much as we like to think of ourselves as analytical and logical, we are always affected by other factors when we are making a decision. Colors, sounds, the general atmosphere of a room or our state of mind will affect the outcome of our decision. So, having a great product is not always enough, we also have to present ourselves in a certain way when we are trying to make a sale. So, with that in mind, having a professional corporate identity is extremely important, because it becomes an advantage in front of the competitors.

A brand creates credibility

This argument comes up whenever there is a conversation about branding, logo and visual identity. It’s almost a cliché, but it’s definitely worth mentioning, because it is, after all, one of the main benefits of having a (professionally looking) logo. A good logo and a strong brand will make any company look established, serious and trustworthy. Think about getting a collaboration proposal through e-mail and there is no signature – how does it look? Unprofessional, of course. This is a minor example of how a lack of branding can affect any company’s chances of succeeding in any type of market.

With all that being said, we invite all the B2B companies that have regarded branding as something unnecessary, to reflect on these issues and decide whether or not they want to have a professional looking company and brand.

And if you decide to go ahead and start your journey of creating a brand, you can always rely on us –with our Free Logo Sample Plan, you get to see the final product before you pay anything. Just because we trust that our designers will do a great job. And if our styles don’t match, you can always choose to not purchase the files, and you won’t lose anything. Read more about the Free Logo Sample Plan here and contact us today! Let’s get started on your brand!

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